Wave Analyzer Medica 800

The Wave Analyzer Medica 800 is a very intuitive, rapid and fully automatic aberrometer. It can provide accurate and detailed measurements, saving you time and helping you deliver additional expertise and advice to your patients.


The Wave Analyzer in action

The Wave Analyzer can show the difference of a patient’s day and night vision. In practice you scientifically highlight this sensitivity with different functions.



When using the Point Spread Function (PSF) method you can show the different impact of a point on the retina between day and night.




The summary gives the overall measurements for the patient. Here you can see the difference in pupil size from day to night and specific refraction needs.



Coefficient Aberration

The Low Order Aberration (LOA) column demonstrates the impact of glare on a patient. The bigger the difference in the columns the more glare a patient will experience.



The Wave Analyzer Medica 800 allows you to deliver a complete physiology analysis, combining several technologies to provide comprehensive screening of the eye. It can deliver 8 measurements in under 2 minutes, with wireless connectivity to facilitate easy data-sharing for follow-up monitoring.

  • Based on wavefront and Shack-Hartmann technology
  • Analysis of vision performance
  • Real time evaluation of eye fatigue
  • Screening for eye conditions
  • Data can be exported to the Vision R 800 & 700


The Wave Analyzer provides comprehensive screening of the eye in less than 2 minutes

  • Improved tonometry using fixation point & IOP value automatically corrected according to corneal thickness
  • Placido rings topography helps analyze over 100,000 points of
    cornea and provide Keratoconus probability index
  • Provides a detailed view of the crystal lens opacity which is helpful
    for identifying cataracts.
  • Individual autorefractometer & pupil measurement for mesopic, photopic conditions and near vision
  • Real time evaluation of the patient’s eye fatigue when focusing on
    near by objects
  • Topography and pupillometry for contact lens fitting and keratoconus detection.



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