Are you starting to have trouble focusing up close as you age? Presbyopia affects our eyes' ability to focus easily on nearer tasks. This happens because the lens inside the eye progressively loses some flexibility, which is called presbyopia. 

What Causes Presbyopia?
Presbyopia happens due to a change with the lens inside the eye, as it naturally becomes thicker and stiffens over time. To alter our focus from distance to near, or back again, the shape of the lens within our eye changes. As the lens thickens and loses flexibility with age, its ability to change its shape reduces. It typically starts in our forties but can happen earlier or later for some.

Presbyopia Symptoms
In early presbyopia, you may find that focus adjustments are slower, or feel more of an effort. Some will notice this more in dim lighting, or if they are tired. The symptoms and when you notice the problems will vary, and some may start to experience eye strain or headaches alongside the focusing difficulties. If you experience this, contact your optician for more information.